How to Wear Cathedral Wedding Veil

Here are some tips on how to wear cathedral wedding veil. you are going to have it over your face, then you are going to need to sit the veil on top of your head, or if you are actually going to have it on the back of your head like this, or if you are wearing your hair up in a French roll or a bee hive, then you are actually having the veil right underneath your hair. Like that. Once you’ve decided on how you are going to have your hair, then you can determine the length of the veil.Bridal Hair Down with Veil IMG-9732

A cathedral veil is the extra extra long wedding veil and it will always trail over the train of your wedding dress. And, sometimes on a cathedral veil, because it does that and you don’t actually have the train on your wedding dress as a border, lots of people like to use a thicker trim or they like to actually have lace on the end of the veil to give it sort of a bit more drama. So, that is really the key that you have to consider, if the lace trim will actually go with your dress and how you are going and where you are going to have your veil, over your face, there, or underneath.