How to Choose Mother of the Bride Dress

It’s magazine day when your daughter get married. Of course the center of the wedding at that day is the new couples. But as the mother of the bride, you also need to look stunning. You should help your daughter to erase the pressure before wedding, so you need to buy your mother dress by yourself.

mother of bride dressYou should start your MOB dress as early as you can, but it’s not earlier than the wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns. Once your daughter has finished the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, you can talk with her of the MOB dress color, length and style. It’s necessary to have a good negotiation with your daughter before shopping. It’s her wedding after all.

You should consider the season and occasion while shopping the mother dress. So you can narrow the choice when shopping.

You should ask your daughter if she has time to shopping with you. If she doesn’t have time, you can ask the mother of the groom together. MOG dress and MOB dress are basically similar shine at the wedding.

short mother of bride dressThere are no rules required MOB dress color should match the bridesmaid dresses. You can choose similar color or different color as you want. For example, if the bridesmaid gowns color is purple, then you can go for grape colors. Don’t choose the mother of bride dress color in same with wedding dress color, unless your daughter is OK with this. Black mother dress is obviously not appropriate for the wedding. Red color are so attractive among the wedding, do don’t go for it. Or you will the center of the wedding!

Remember you have consult with mother of the groom before make decision. You two don’t need to wear same dress but should in coordinate with the wedding.

The perfect mother of the bride dress not only flatter your body shape but also appropriate for the wedding. You should have patience when shopping the dress, and make sure your daughter is happy of your choice.