Wedding Planner How to Charge

The wedding planner how to charge? Every wedding planner has their own way, but all of them a under these 3 ways.

1.Some of wedding planners will charge you a percentage of your total wedding budget, and this is what they’re going to charge you for their services. They’re going to ask for anywhere from twenty five to fifty percent of that amounts up front, and then the rest of it is going to be due before your wedding.

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2.Some of them going to charge you per guest. They feel that their time is divided up amongst your guests, so a smaller wedding will have a smaller fee, and a larger wedding will have a larger fee. They’ll calculate the number of guests expected versus the number of guests that actually show up, and you’ll end up paying your wedding planner a deposit, and then you won’t pay the final payment until the wedding is over and you have a final guest count.

3.The last way that a lot of wedding planners are doing things these days are by packages. They’ll create a package for different services that they offer, and you’ll find the package that’s going to fit your wedding the best. There’s one rate for that package, you will put down a deposit for the wedding, holding your date, and then you’ll pay the remainder of it at the time of your wedding. Again, it’ll be determined by what your wedding planner feels is appropriate for them. Sometimes it’s a week before your wedding, sometimes it’s due the day of your wedding.

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