Wedding Guest Dress Guideline

Wedding guest is also important at the wedding party. Because the bride maybe has planned her wedding before a one year, she has planed perfect wedding dress, matched flowers .etc. so don’t ruined such special day for your inappropriate wear , or that the bride will remember you forever in bad impression .

Pretty One Shoulder Evening Dresses

As long as we know that white color we would never to try as a wedding gust. Because bride wear white or ivory wedding gown, she should be the center of the wedding not you. But many fashionable brides who wear some other color gowns. So if you know exactly what color bride will wear, you just should avoid and choose others.

You should know the event place before you choose the dress. If the wedding is held in church, then you should wear much formal dress. An ankle length or tea length formal gown with a covered shawl will be the perfect as a guest. If the wedding is held outdoor at garden or beach, then you can choose a bit casual gown. Don’t choose floor length gown to attend the beach wedding. Because it’s easily damaged by sand, it’s also difficult to walk around. So a knee length or tea length dress will be perfect for beach wedding.

Romantic Long Formal Prom Dress

If the wedding held in summer, even it’s pretty hot. You shouldn’t wear too short like hot pants or some other much appeal dresses. Just choose a light weight fabric dress with knee length like chiffon or silk. Or that it will makes the bride awkward to see hot girls.

Don’t wear too low cut neckline like deep v neckline or low-cut sweetheart. If you say you have a big bust, and then just choose the strapless neckline gown. If you have a small bust, then you can choose spaghetti straps dress, so that it will enhance your bust and balance your body. No matter strapless or straps dress, it’s proper that you should wear a bolero or covered shawl as a wedding guest. If you shoulders are broader and wide, then one shoulder gown would be the best choice for you, neither too appeal nor fusty.

Speaking of expose, you must say the high neckline will be perfect right? No! Don’t wear a high neckline at the wedding. If you are the only one at the wedding who wear the high neck dress, then you will be the center of the wedding rather than bride. High neck with long sleeves does show your modesty, but it’s too formal and strange. You shouldn’t wear too much jewelry at the wedding. Just a necklace and a bag will reflect perfectly your respect.

At last, you should check again with the invitation and asked your friends opinion. It’s important to wear appropriate than looks fashionable as a wedding guest!