How to Wear an Wedding Ring

For decades, anniversary rings have been used to commemorate major milestones in a couple’s relationship. Generally worn by married partners, these bands serve as a symbol of two peoples’ lasting union in a society where high divorce rates and multiple marriages have become the norm. Any ring given on an anniversary may be considered an anniversary ring, and different varieties come in simple gold and silver bands or adorned with jewels. Whatever the design, read on for tips to show off your anniversary band in style.

Decide how your own lifestyle and personal style preferences might affect the way you wear the anniversary ring. Do you already wear a ring? If so, decide whether you prefer to wear the anniversary ring on the same hand as the original ring or on the opposite hand.

To help choose which hand should sport the anniversary ring, try wearing it with your wedding set on the same finger, typically found on the left hand. Take into account whether one band is much more elaborate than another. If so, you might try wearing the anniversary ring on the right hand instead to create a more balanced look.

Consider replacing your wedding bands completely with a new anniversary ring, especially if you feel you have outgrown the style of the wedding set or if you plan to preserve the original ring as a family heirloom.

Make sure to clean your anniversary ring thoroughly to help maintain its original condition and shine. The best way to do this for a diamond band is by using a soft brush dipped in a mixture of water and mild liquid detergent soap. While a mild ammonia solution made with three parts water can be used to clean yellow gold, avoid this type of cleanser for diamond rings. Another good option is to purchase a prepared jewelry solution in which to soak the band.