Mermaid Bridal Gowns

One very popular style of wedding dress is called the mermaid style. It is basically as it sounds. The wedding dress is tight on the top and through the hips. After the hips and around the thigh to knee area, the dress then goes out, like mermaid fins. all women will find this style of dress flattering though. You have to be willing to show off your curves to pull this kind of wedding dress off.

A mermaid dress is also known as a trumpet dress due to it’s flaring style at the bottom. Mermaid style destination wedding dresses can have a variety of different necklines and styles for the top half of the dress. They can be sleeveless, halters, spaghetti straps, and even short sleeves.

Another variation that makes each trumpet wedding dress unique is the flare on the bottom of the dress. It can start above the knee, at the knee, or right below the knee. It can have a dramatic flare, or it can be a more subtle one. A mermaid dress may even have a slight train in the back.

Lastly, mermaid style destination wedding dresses can be made from a variety of fabrics. They can be slinky silk dresses or they can be ornate lace dresses. If you chose a silk mermaid dress, just know that it will show more of your body than a heavier fabric or lace one will.

There are tons of different mermaid style destination wedding dresses to chose from. Once you know that this is style dress that you want for your wedding, pick out the dress that fits your style the best.