How to Dress for a Homecoming

For most teens, homecoming is one of the highlights of high school, almost a rite of passage. With it being such an important day, girls are going to want to get a good start by finding the perfect homecoming dress. There are all sorts of beautiful outfits out there just waiting to be tried on during the inevitable shopping excursion, but there are a few rules to keep in mind to make sure the right dress is chosen.
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The Fit
This is one of the most important rules. Make sure that the dress fits the largest body part well. All dresses can — and most should — be tailored to fit the smaller parts of the body well, but it is extremely difficult to add material to make it bigger for camouflaging problem areas. It is always nice to find an outfit that accentuates a small feature, but if it makes the bigger features look even bigger because they are squeezed into apparel that is far too small, then the purpose has been effectively defeated. All anyone will see is the expanse of the bigger body parts.

The Length
Short dresses are the rage this season, so this style warrants being taken into consideration. For body types with a short torso and longer legs, choose a dress with a waist line that is lower than the natural waist. This serves to elongate the torso to balance out the length of the legs. For body types with a longer torso and short legs, do the exact opposite. Find something that has a waist that is higher than the natural waist, an empire waist is ideal for this body type. This will elongate the legs and visually shorten the torso. If a long dress is more appropriate for the occasion, the same rules apply. Make sure the length is not longer than the ankles with shoes on, as this tends to make one appear shorter than necessary.
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The Shoes
Accessories are extremely important. The color and style of shoes chosen does not necessarily have to depend on the dress. Choosing a neutral color and a simple style will mean that the shoes will go with just about anything. Khaki, taupe or other flesh-colored tones will actually help create the illusion of long legs, make feet appear smaller and give ankles a delicate, tapered look. This may be the right shoe when paired with short dresses. If feet and ankles are not problem areas, feel free to be daring and wear a more colorful shoe with evening attire.