The Evolution History of the Wedding Dress in Taiwan

A hundred years ago, white wedding dresses was introduced into to Taiwan, to replace the traditional red phoenix coronet. Due to the influence of Chinese mainland, the Japanese colonial and western culture, many brides match white wedding dresses with everyday clothing, the groom change Chinese-style robe into a Western-style dress.

From 1940s to 1950s, the long trail bride veil and the ball gown wedding dress became popular orderly; layering and puff skirt with umbrella-shaped design is the theme of wedding dress in 1960s of Taiwan;

In the 1970s, the bridal gown emphasizing the streamline effect trail and elegant of western court-style, with long skirt drag over the floor like a waterfall, in the past 10 years, the design of wedding dress have emphasized body curve, like western Halter top and strapless style.

1960s and 1970s, clothing cultural development in Taiwan have get rid of the principles of the 1950s simplicity and practical to advance towards the direction of Western popular culture. The rise of the textile industry, development of synthetic fiber and the promotion of the domestic garment industry have relative to drive the booming of wedding dress industry.

In 1980s.Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, in cooperation with the textile, garment industry. in order to enhance the design concept and brand development, nurturing attention and worldview to the creative, celebrity designers and Industry also efforts in this direction, focusing on Western fashion trends, and filling more beautiful traditional style of the East, actively design and development with trade communicate attracting a large number of export orders, which establish the global importance of Taiwan wedding dress in 21st century