How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

How to choose your bridesmaids? ¬†first, they should be your closest friends. But, having said that, bridesmaids are there to serve a function. They’re there to help you as much as possible. So, if you’re long lost childhood friend lives on the other side of the country, and she’s really only going to fly in and show up at the ceremony, you might want to think about that again. You really would be better off having bridesmaids that can really share in the process with you. And can go shopping wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses with you, and help you put together all the things you need for the wedding. brides-maid-015And, it really should be people that you get along with well. If you have a close friends who’s argumentative with you, or is confrontational with you, then it might be better off not to have them in your wedding. You don’t want anybody who’s going to upset you on your happy day. You want people that are really going to genuinely let you shine, and let you be happy. So, your deepest, closest friends that know you the best are probably the best bridesmaids.