Tips For Taking Wedding Photos

Firstly ,Taking wedding pictures a week before , You ( bride ) should do some skin and face care . You’d better finish the hairdressing one month before .

Secondly , you should keep relax and happy before shoot . Go to bed earlier , and drink little water before sleep . So that you’ll look vibrant, energized and blissful when you are in photos .

Thirdly , You should cut your nails and shave armpits before take wedding photos .

Fourth , The most important thing is that don’t forget to wear a pair of light-colored high-heeled shoes , so that it will be matched with wedding dress .

Fifth , you’d better not make up in home before take wedding photos , or it will be much trouble for the cosmetician . When you are taking photos , it would be the best that you don’t need wear much jewelry .

Sixth , Speaking of the dresses before shoot , you might wear a cardigan as well . It’s in order to avoid messing your makeup and hairstyle . On the other hand , the groom suit shouldn’t fit too much , so as not to feel unconformable when taking pictures .

At last , you should prepare your white or light-colored strapless bra by the day , cause it’s necessary to match with wedding gown dresses.

Love is patient , love is kind . It doesn’t envy , it doesn’t boast , it is not proud .

By the end , May you have a great wedding and love for seasons .

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