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Hold a Succesful Sweet 16 Party Tips

Sweet 16 is held for a person transitions childrenhood into adulthood. How to hold a sucesful sweet 16 party?

Cute Sweet 16 Dresses

you should know your budget! According your budget to prepare the sweet 16 party. Remember little money could still make your sweet 16 party have a lot of fun. A impressive birthday party not only depend money, but also depends on person and good plan.

  1. You should find a favrite cute sweet 16 dress. Sweet 16 dress have different length, someone will choose mini length, someone would like to wear knee length or full length. It is depends on you. We suggest you to choose a short cute sweet 16 dress. Because there will have a lot of games in the sweet 16 party. Full length sweet 16 dress is too long to dance, run and jump. If you wear a short sweet 16 dress, then you will find these actions are easy to do.
  2. Before set party date, make sure your friends do not have a party at that day. We believe you do not want to see your friends have trouble to choose attend which one’s party.
  3. Make sure your party place. For saving money, you can choose your home garden.
  4. Your birthday party theme. If your birthday is in summer, then you choose summer beach theme. You must have a lot of fun at beach.
  5. Food. This is where most of your budget will go. You can have the event catered or have a home-cooked buffet. If the event is at a restaurant, then be sure to check the menu ahead of time. Don’t forget to order the cake.
  6. Entertainmen: Prepare several fun game for your sweet 16. Then, DJ and musical.

In a word, if you follow these tips, you will have a unforgettable sweet 16 party.

Romantic Sweet 16 Dresses

For girls, sweet 16 is something they have been looking forward to for their whole childhood. At your sweet 16 party, you will be the center of attention. Every girl want look like a princess.So choose the right one for your party is a very important element to show your own taste and personality. Spend enough time to choose your Sweet 16 dresses and you must have plenty of happy memories .

9Lover.com present unique Sweet 16 Dresses both in style and fabric and bring you wonderful feelings.So whether your sweet 16 is in spring, summer or winter, 9lover.com has a dress to fit perfectly for the occasion.For the style, we have A-line, column, ball gown, empire, trumpet styles. A-line fit all the girls, no matter what kinds of figure they have.  Empire style fit the girls who have full figure ladies.But column and trumpet styles fit plump girls. Ball gown also fit short girls.






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