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Beautiful 2016 Quinceanera Dresses at 1st-Dress.Com

In year 2016 fairy-tale dress is still puffy and full length. So 1st-dress.com is still keep the puffy skirt in full length design. But this time, we are used bright colors: orange, navy blue and blue these popular colors.

  • http://www.1st-dress.com/images/201603/source/Romantic-Orange-Strapless-2016-Quince-Dress-4603-b-1-1458052093.jpg

This burnt orange color dress is designed in strapless sweetheart neckline, exquisite embroidery decorate on the body. Simple ruffles cover the skirt. You will look romantic in this dress.

  • http://www.1st-dress.com/images/201603/source/Elegant-Blue-Ruffles-Quinceanera-Dress-2016-4605-b-1-1458207631.jpg

This blue dress looks luxurious. Heavy beads ornament the body. Full ruffles make the dress look puffy and luxurious. You must look like a real Cinderella.

  • http://www.1st-dress.com/images/201603/source/Beautiful-Navy-Blue-Puffy-Sweet-15-Gown-2016-4602-b-1-1458029185.jpg

The navy blue dress is more traditional. It keep the traditional design pick up skirt and pleated body. It looks so romantic and elegant. If you are a traditional girl, you can try this one. You won’t be disappointed.