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Strapless dresses have been popular for many years, maybe peoples have already tired of exposure, more and more people like to wear modest styles. 1/2 long sleeves dress is look elegant and classical.


This 1/2 long sleeves v-neckline short dress looks not only modest, but cute. Below 2 styles are full length. They are more formal then that short one. If you attend a Black-Tie Event party or a wedding party, for these formal parties you should looks elegant, then why you do not try these 2 styles. In these 2 modest long sleeves dresses you will look classical.



There are still have so many modest styles, you can search online.

Choose Graduation Party Dress to Wear


The bright dance floor, swinging the music… It is another graduation season! At this moment, university is no longer the focus topic of graduation party. Everybody is care about the last prom at the end of the school PROM. Everyone want dress up as best as they can. They want their last prom in the high school could give classmates a deep impression. All the students are wonder to find a desirable partner, wear what dress, sit what car, will be selected as the list of King or queen.

Cute Orange and Teal Short Graduation Dress

Can  and even a small small details out of the faults are likely to make them scream. “Prom” generally referred to as the School Prom or Prom, by promenade abbreviations, meaning the needs of the students are loaded into the field of dance.

grape sexy graduation dresses for college

School Prom or Prom, by promenade dress abbreviations, meaning the middle school student need wear formal dress into the field of dance.

Choose promenade dress pay attention at these points.

  1. On the color, should choose white, light yellow, lavender, etc. Series of pure and fresh and elegant colors.
  2. On design appropriate choice in the long evening dress, unfavorable choose too long, lest affect activities.
  3. On design should choose a simple new, unfavorable choose too revealing styles
  4. Inappropriate choose black and red dress, black is too serious, red is too happy. It is not consistent with what the atmosphere of the graduation ceremony.



Hold a Succesful Sweet 16 Party Tips

Sweet 16 is held for a person transitions childrenhood into adulthood. How to hold a sucesful sweet 16 party?

Cute Sweet 16 Dresses

you should know your budget! According your budget to prepare the sweet 16 party. Remember little money could still make your sweet 16 party have a lot of fun. A impressive birthday party not only depend money, but also depends on person and good plan.

  1. You should find a favrite cute sweet 16 dress. Sweet 16 dress have different length, someone will choose mini length, someone would like to wear knee length or full length. It is depends on you. We suggest you to choose a short cute sweet 16 dress. Because there will have a lot of games in the sweet 16 party. Full length sweet 16 dress is too long to dance, run and jump. If you wear a short sweet 16 dress, then you will find these actions are easy to do.
  2. Before set party date, make sure your friends do not have a party at that day. We believe you do not want to see your friends have trouble to choose attend which one’s party.
  3. Make sure your party place. For saving money, you can choose your home garden.
  4. Your birthday party theme. If your birthday is in summer, then you choose summer beach theme. You must have a lot of fun at beach.
  5. Food. This is where most of your budget will go. You can have the event catered or have a home-cooked buffet. If the event is at a restaurant, then be sure to check the menu ahead of time. Don’t forget to order the cake.
  6. Entertainmen: Prepare several fun game for your sweet 16. Then, DJ and musical.

In a word, if you follow these tips, you will have a unforgettable sweet 16 party.

Different Length of Lavender Prom Dresses

Lavender dress is very popular in nowadays. You can wear this color dress to attend all the different occasion party. But the lavender beach bridesmaid dress has different length. How to choose correct length dress? If the occasion is formal party, then full ength lavender dress is more suitable. But if you choose a bridesmaid dress, then you should consider the wedding style. If it is beach wedding or garden, then we suggest you to choose short length. Short style is more comfortable and convenient. If the wedding is holding at church, then you should to wear a formal style, long style is perfect. Long dress is more formal and elegant than short style.

Today, we have two different styles in different length, then you can find out the different effect!

Stunning Lavender Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Summer

Stunning Lavender Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Summer


It is more modest than the below style. 2 piece. Material: chiffon.

Romantic Lavender Short Summer Bridesmaid Gown

Romantic Lavender Short Summer Bridesmaid Gown

Price: $110

This style is more sexy. V-neckline with a exquisite handmade flower. It is still chiffon material. Long style is more formal then the short length. But short length is more cute than long style. Choose which one it depends your wedding occasion and wedding theme!

Choose Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Normally, flower girls age are below 8 years old. If your daughter or niece is older than 8 years old, she is not suit as flower girl anymore, but you still want she  participate wedding party, then you can consider she as junior bridesmaid. The ages of junior bridesmaids are from 8-14 years old. They usually being around when the bride is wearing along tailed gown. What kind of dress to wear? Junior bridesmaid dress should at least similar with bridesmaid dresses. Of cause, the dress you can according the face to give a little change. For example, you can add a short sleeve, add straps or change the length. It depends on you.

Champagne-Bridesmaid-Dresses-Junior-Girls-2676-1696-b-1-1370514269 The junior bridesmaids carry bouquet, and stands to the bride’s left at the altar and walk in front of the bride.

Unique Colorful Evening Dresses

Nude color dress is common. If you want a special and unique prom dress, you can try on a colorful evening dress.

Charming-Spaghetti-Straps-Colorful-Prom-Dresses-2012-under-200-3919-b-1-1388417334This kind of dresses features more than 2 colors. Some of them have print pattern. According the silhouette, we can divide to sheath, A-line, Ball Gown and Mermaid. From the neckline, we can divide to sweetheart, one shoulder, V-neckline. The length is from full length to mini length for you to choose. You will deep impressed in this colorful evening dress. Do you want to try?

Dresses for a Formal Tea

Formal tea is very popular in spring and summer season.  It is good time for share and discuss about the week’s happenings. You must have a lot of fun.

Tea Length Formal Dress  Black Formal Tea Dress

Short-Halter-Chiffon-Brown-Junior-Brown-Dresses-SOV112008-816-b-1-1363972582 Turquoise-One-Shoulder-Summer-Homecoming-Dress-IMG_1863-1002-p-2-1365611791

What to wear in the formal tea? What should to notice?

The formal tea dress should not shorter than Tea length, too short dress is not polite. Also, remember don’t wear too exposed, include cleavage and back. Then, you can choose a simple pattern dress, but do not choose too bold and exaggerated. The color, normally nude color dress appropriate that occasion. If it is possible, wear a white gloves. It is formal tea attire.

After all, hope you will have a good time.


Find Cocktail Dresses for Juniors

Normally, in school there have 2 kind of prom party. They are “junior prom” and “senior prom”. High school juniors attending the prom may call it “junior prom” while high-school seniors may call it “senior prom” or “senior ball”. Today we will discuss juniors prom.

Taffeta Strapless A-line Short Junior Prom Dress

In a junior prom party, senior students will be vote a “Prom Prince” or “Prom Princess.” So it is very important event for a senior students. What to wear is always trouble to everyone. For girls they always choose short prom dress. Short dress is vivid.

Lovely Sweetheart Mini Organza Pick up Junior Prom Party Dress

Choose a cocktail dress for junior prom party dress is more economical. You can wear this dress attend to other party occasion.

Dusty Rose Cute Junior Prom Dresses Short 2013

These 3 styles are same in mini length, strapless neckline and pleated body. These dresses are so sweet. If you browse more style, you can visit http://www.1st-dress.com.

How to Pick up Prom Dress

The most exciting event date in your school life is the prom night. Every girl is really put on effort to choose a perfect prom dress. A perfect prom dress will make your night come true and catch the guy’s eyesight you crushed on. Here are some tips you should remember when choose your prom gowns.

     color chart Color Chart     size chart Size Chart     tubiao Measurement      tubiao4 Return Policy     quality guarantee Quality Guarantee     faqs FAQS      Tailoring Period: 10-15 Calendar days. See Details >>     Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar days. See Details >>  Sexy One Shoulder Backless Little White Party Dress

Firstly, you should be clearly of the prom theme. Make sure the dress is reflecting the party.

The color of prom dress should also reflect the party theme but also flatter your skin tone. Don’t choose dark colors such as chocolate, black if you have a dark skin. Bright yellow, fuchsia or red are looks perfect on dark skin people instead. Light skin tone can try on the dark colors such as dark navy, royal blue .etc.

The length of prom dresses are also should take the prom theme in consideration. If the prom night is to celebrate school anniversary, then you might go for a full length prom dress. You can wear the knee length prom gown if the event is just for homecoming.

No matter what length of prom dress you has chosen, make sure the cut of dress are flatter your figure. A-line proms gowns are almost flatter every body shape. Mermaid prom dress emphasis the body curves, that means you should have an hourglass figure to be able to wear fishtail gowns.

Halter Plunge V-neckline Sexy Long Prom Dress with Slit

Make sure the dress is comfortable and easy walking. You will have dance all night, make sure the dress is not very heavy and length is appropriate. Don’t choose the prom dress with train if you want to dance with your date, or it will be awkward.

You should ask your parents how much money they want to spend on your prom dress. So that you won’t be regret by a prom dress loved which your parents can’t afford. Many online stores have the fantastic prom gowns but in very competitive price. And don’t forget to have your prom dress in corset back in case your are on the diet.