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Choose Bridesmaid Dresses Tip

The best support group at your wedding is bridesmaid! Selecting bridesmaid dresses is one of your big decisions before the big day. It’s easy for you to find what you want, but it’s hard to meet every bridesmaid requirements. There are some cues for you and bridesmaid when shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

Aqua Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

Firstly, make sure you start early. The perfect time to prepare your bridesmaid dresses is six months before wedding date. So you have enough time to consider and make decisions, sometimes the dresses need to be alteration.

Keep the budget in mind. Sometimes, it’s costly as a bridesmaid. You should make sure the bridesmaid dresses you choose for them are under their finance ability. Of course one of your bridesmaids is rich and open mind, but what you need is consider very of them.

bridesmaid dresses

You should be open mind with the bridesmaid opinions. Talk with your bridesmaid before shopping. They were your best friends and families; you should consider their taste and style. Don’t be a controller, don’t try to control everything. You should leave some space for the girls. For example, you set a themed color and basic style, leave the silhouette and neckline for them.

Take notes of every bridesmaid measurements and figure shape, make sure they will feel comfortable when wearing the bridesmaid dresses. Don’t believe there have a certain style bridesmaid dress which can flatter every body shape. You can’t ask a plus size bridesmaid to wear a sheath gown. If you don’t know how to start with silhouette, try from A-line bridesmaid dresses. You should take time to think what your friends feel when wearing the dress you chosen.

Consider the wedding photograph when choosing bridesmaid gowns. Because you will have lots of wedding photos with bridesmaid, make sure they will look glamour so on the wedding album.

Being a bride can be stressful, but it’s also fun and happy especially when you sharing same experience with your friends.


Strapless dresses have been popular for many years, maybe peoples have already tired of exposure, more and more people like to wear modest styles. 1/2 long sleeves dress is look elegant and classical.


This 1/2 long sleeves v-neckline short dress looks not only modest, but cute. Below 2 styles are full length. They are more formal then that short one. If you attend a Black-Tie Event party or a wedding party, for these formal parties you should looks elegant, then why you do not try these 2 styles. In these 2 modest long sleeves dresses you will look classical.



There are still have so many modest styles, you can search online.

Choose Graduation Party Dress to Wear


The bright dance floor, swinging the music… It is another graduation season! At this moment, university is no longer the focus topic of graduation party. Everybody is care about the last prom at the end of the school PROM. Everyone want dress up as best as they can. They want their last prom in the high school could give classmates a deep impression. All the students are wonder to find a desirable partner, wear what dress, sit what car, will be selected as the list of King or queen.

Cute Orange and Teal Short Graduation Dress

Can  and even a small small details out of the faults are likely to make them scream. “Prom” generally referred to as the School Prom or Prom, by promenade abbreviations, meaning the needs of the students are loaded into the field of dance.

grape sexy graduation dresses for college

School Prom or Prom, by promenade dress abbreviations, meaning the middle school student need wear formal dress into the field of dance.

Choose promenade dress pay attention at these points.

  1. On the color, should choose white, light yellow, lavender, etc. Series of pure and fresh and elegant colors.
  2. On design appropriate choice in the long evening dress, unfavorable choose too long, lest affect activities.
  3. On design should choose a simple new, unfavorable choose too revealing styles
  4. Inappropriate choose black and red dress, black is too serious, red is too happy. It is not consistent with what the atmosphere of the graduation ceremony.



Pretty and Unique Ball Gown

Women always want dress up fashionable and unique. Most of formal dresses are in nude colors. The difference are only neckline and silhouette. How to feel special? Do you like printed dress? If you do, then it is a easy way.

Today I will introduce several special printed formal ball gown. For example zebra formal ball gown. Some people may feel the zebra ball gown is exaggeration. That is your prejudice. You could not image how beautiful in that kind of dresses. These dresses could make in ball gown, a-line, high-low hem, even mini length.

Zebra-Quinceanera-Ball-Gown-Dresses-2013-with-Sweetheart-2831-b-1-1378379839These printed dresses don’t need other ornament, it is already very pretty! Too much decorate is too tedious.  Zebra dresses could wear to any occasion, you will look great.

1st-dress.com online shop have a variety of choices to suit your style and budget come prom day.


Pretty Maternity Evening Gown at 1st-dress.com

Choose a pretty maternity evening gown should abide by comfortable. Comfortable dress is more heath for your baby! Choose a loose waist dress is very important. What kind of dress could to choose?

Today, I will introduce 3 hot sale dress for you to consider.


Sweet-Red-Chiffon-Sweetheart-Long-Maternity-Prom-Party-Dress-3818-p-2-1387446501This red dress is made of chiffon. The features of chiffon is soft, light and flowy. Strapless sweetheart neckline and ruched body are highlights. The whole dress look simple and elegant. The empire waistline is perfect for pregnant lady.

2.Romantic-Empire-Chiffon-Long-Pregnant-Formal-Prom-Party-Dress-3825-b-1-1387452924This coral color long dress is also designed in sweetheart neckline. Soft chiffon flowy to the floor. Empire waistline  will give enough room for your belly.

3.Sky-Blue-Chiffon-Open-Back-Sexy-Maternity-Party-Dress-3402-b-1-1383748593 This light blue dress is more open. You can wear it to a formal party. Sexy open back with sweep train, beaded strapless neckline. This dress will give you a special feeling.

How to Dress up for Graduation Party

After stressed exam, it is time to relax in the graduation party. In graduation party everyone want dress up eye-catching and practical, But what to wear and how to dress up? Graduation party is semi-formal event, so it is easy to find a perfect dress to this party. You can wear formal style prom dress and casual dress, it depends on you. The graduation is very important for me. I was deep in this memory. I choose a cute short prom dress as my graduation party dress. I didn’t want look dull.high low graduation dresses Short prom dresses have more energy. But I want my short prom dress is unique and special. So I chose a high low hem prom dress as my graduation party. High low hem dress is  popular in the these year. The front skirt is higher than back of the skirt, so it is call the high low hem dress. If you have a pair of long leg, then wear this style can show this superiority. This is my experience. I hope could help you.



Find Cocktail Dresses for Juniors

Normally, in school there have 2 kind of prom party. They are “junior prom” and “senior prom”. High school juniors attending the prom may call it “junior prom” while high-school seniors may call it “senior prom” or “senior ball”. Today we will discuss juniors prom.

Taffeta Strapless A-line Short Junior Prom Dress

In a junior prom party, senior students will be vote a “Prom Prince” or “Prom Princess.” So it is very important event for a senior students. What to wear is always trouble to everyone. For girls they always choose short prom dress. Short dress is vivid.

Lovely Sweetheart Mini Organza Pick up Junior Prom Party Dress

Choose a cocktail dress for junior prom party dress is more economical. You can wear this dress attend to other party occasion.

Dusty Rose Cute Junior Prom Dresses Short 2013

These 3 styles are same in mini length, strapless neckline and pleated body. These dresses are so sweet. If you browse more style, you can visit http://www.1st-dress.com.

Lovely Short Sweet 16 Dresses

Sweet 16 dresses come in a variety of styles and designs.  They are in various lengths and colors.  Most of girls prefer short sweet 16 dresses to long dress. Normally they have same commons, strapless neckline, puffy skirt and short length.

Chic Sweet Sixteen Party Dress Short  Charming-Blue-Mini-Sweet-15-Gown-with-Sweetheart-3792-b-1-1387294279Fancy-Pink-Short-Sweet-15-Dress-3786-b-1-1387290197 The lovely sweet 16 dresses are usually cinched at the waist to emphasize a girls figure. Colors on sweet 16 dresses should always be bright and cheerful. Remember the color should match party theme color, otherwise, although the dress is lovely, but it will still look strange in the party.

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Choose Correct Cocktail Dresses

The majority of women have no clue by what type of dress she’ll put on when she received friend’s invitation of party or perhaps an event.

But you will find two variations between your formal dress wear and informal.

The measures of dresses are most significant element.


Formal dress wear has tea-length or ankle length. It?ˉs the ideal choice to put on lengthy length cocktail gown by visiting the charitable  party, it appears formal and stylish. And it’s right for any figure lady. Usually the formal gown has less decoration and decoration than short dress wear it?ˉs normally produced by satin, chiffon, lace and fabric. Sometimes, the formal dress wear fall under evening gowns since it’s almost same length with a few evening dress and promenade gown

Talk about the semi-formal dress wear it’s a big selection for the ladies who would like them to appear sexy or cute. It’s in number of colors and styles it is whether you’ve got a set of lengthy legs and thin figure or you possess a short leg having a rounder body. However the appropriate it’s possible to showcase how beautiful and sexy you’re really. And also the right dress can increase your confident and womanliness.

The decoration differs.

We frequently put on the formal cocktail that has little decoration, some occasions it is just couple of pleats around the skirt, but more often than not, and it is simply dress without decoration whatsoever. It’s the great option for some women or some girl who wish to be mature and modest.

Nevertheless Its pleasure to determine a junior or more youthful lovely girl put on a lilac or fuchsia some light color, but short small gown within the party. Although it’s not in formal, it’s only right for the friend’s party, or some informal party. But I must say, rapid or small cocktail tend to be freedom and conformable than formal gown. Nowadays, it is recognition that some short dress wear are adorned by full sequins, shining gemstones, remarkable deposits or excellent beading on top. Make the youthful women desire to be more appealing and adorable and also the skirt from the dress frequently in a myriad of ruffles, folded, pleats or ball gown style, to ensure that the entire dress will looks glamous and wonderful.


I believe the dress wear may be the simplest option for a myriad of dresses, because it is appropriate for just about any one any figure, simply to make certain it’s your look with your taste.

Clearance Prom Dresses

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