Hiding Pregnancy with Clothes

I’m talking about people who need to hide their pregnancy at work or maybe in the public eye. As an actor I actually was in a couple shows fully pregnant that the character wasn’t pregnant. So I know of what I speak. First things first. Black is your friend. But especially on the internal.Maternity prom dress 008 You want the light to be absorbed right where you’re gaining weight so try to put an interesting jacket. Try to keep some tailoring and structure around the softer parts of you. And definitely go for an open neckline. Have a little cleavage. Show a little leg. Nobodies going to notice this middle area. The other thing you can do for evening for example is use wraps and other overcoats to disguise the fact that your middle is a little bit thick. And again use neckline interesting to draw the line up. Elegant One-Shoulder Maternity Prom Dress L-023When your belly is in that middle area where it’s not a full pregnant belly but it’s just got a little bit of girth this sort of cut will really help you to camouflage any weight gain. Look for rouching. Look for a wrap dress. Again look for a deep V up here. With these tips and find match pregnant prom dress lift to your heel no one will know until you tell them.