Little Black Dresses for Plus Size

If you are a plus size figure, does little black dress suit you? Of cause, black dress is suit for all the body figure.  You will never go wrong in a perfect Plus Size LBD!

LBD is in different styles, lengths and material. You can wear for different occasions. From the skirt could classified to A-line LBD and column LBD.

The A-line LBD:

A-line Little Black Dresses A-line dress has a slim flaring skirt, Usually it in knee length and half-calf length. This silhouette flattering on all figures. It is desired for have one.

The Column LBD:

Simple-Strapless-Little-Black-Cocktail-Dress-2911-b-1-1378896566This silhouette is a little picky for the body shape. If you are body is hourglass, then you can choose this kind of LBD, you will look sexy and amazing!

Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses under $100

Wedding a expensive thing.  Wedding hotel, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, mother of bride/ groom dress, foods……., every thing need money. So we need to have a plan to spend every penny! For example, what the total amount of spend on the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress and mother of bride/ groom dress. You should have an idea in the mind. Simple-Short-Grape-Satin-Bridesmaid-Dresses-under-100-4015-p-2-1389109015The wedding dress is very important and it is the a key in a wedding. No body want save money from the wedding dress. Why you do not try on bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid dresses do not need expensive and complex, just simple. So you can find a lot of beautiful bridesmaid dresses under $100.  1ST-DRESS.COM is a professional design and produce wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of bride dress…. Our produces are exported to worldwide. Also, for saving our customer’s budget, we design some inexpensive bridesmaid dresses under $100 for you to choose. Welcome to our website.

Pretty High Low Prom Dresses

High low prom dresses are popular in so popular these days. It features short front and long back. If you have a pair of beautiful legs, why you don’t show out? You will look elegant and chic. This style will flatter any figure.

High Low Prom DressesFrom the neckline the high low prom dresses are fall into sweetheart, halter, one shoulder and V-neckline. Check above styles, you must find a pretty high low prom dress.

Hold a Succesful Sweet 16 Party Tips

Sweet 16 is held for a person transitions childrenhood into adulthood. How to hold a sucesful sweet 16 party?

Cute Sweet 16 Dresses

you should know your budget! According your budget to prepare the sweet 16 party. Remember little money could still make your sweet 16 party have a lot of fun. A impressive birthday party not only depend money, but also depends on person and good plan.

  1. You should find a favrite cute sweet 16 dress. Sweet 16 dress have different length, someone will choose mini length, someone would like to wear knee length or full length. It is depends on you. We suggest you to choose a short cute sweet 16 dress. Because there will have a lot of games in the sweet 16 party. Full length sweet 16 dress is too long to dance, run and jump. If you wear a short sweet 16 dress, then you will find these actions are easy to do.
  2. Before set party date, make sure your friends do not have a party at that day. We believe you do not want to see your friends have trouble to choose attend which one’s party.
  3. Make sure your party place. For saving money, you can choose your home garden.
  4. Your birthday party theme. If your birthday is in summer, then you choose summer beach theme. You must have a lot of fun at beach.
  5. Food. This is where most of your budget will go. You can have the event catered or have a home-cooked buffet. If the event is at a restaurant, then be sure to check the menu ahead of time. Don’t forget to order the cake.
  6. Entertainmen: Prepare several fun game for your sweet 16. Then, DJ and musical.

In a word, if you follow these tips, you will have a unforgettable sweet 16 party.

Different Length of Lavender Prom Dresses

Lavender dress is very popular in nowadays. You can wear this color dress to attend all the different occasion party. But the lavender beach bridesmaid dress has different length. How to choose correct length dress? If the occasion is formal party, then full ength lavender dress is more suitable. But if you choose a bridesmaid dress, then you should consider the wedding style. If it is beach wedding or garden, then we suggest you to choose short length. Short style is more comfortable and convenient. If the wedding is holding at church, then you should to wear a formal style, long style is perfect. Long dress is more formal and elegant than short style.

Today, we have two different styles in different length, then you can find out the different effect!

Stunning Lavender Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Summer

Stunning Lavender Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Summer


It is more modest than the below style. 2 piece. Material: chiffon.

Romantic Lavender Short Summer Bridesmaid Gown

Romantic Lavender Short Summer Bridesmaid Gown

Price: $110

This style is more sexy. V-neckline with a exquisite handmade flower. It is still chiffon material. Long style is more formal then the short length. But short length is more cute than long style. Choose which one it depends your wedding occasion and wedding theme!

Choose Perfect Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas parties is approaching, what to wear in this holiday party? We will give you some advise to help dress up perfectly.

  1. Because it is Christmas party, then you can wear a white and red dress to emphasize the  passionate features of the range.

Red and Black High-low Sexy Christmas Prom Dress

2. Choose a little black dress in the holiday party. Little black dress is simple, but you will still look elegant and sexy!

One Shoulder Simple Little Black Dresses

3. Choose a sequins evening dress. Because Christmas party has a lot of fun, all over sequin embellishments are a must. In this kind of Christmas Party Dress you will have more confidence.

Silver Sequins Short Cocktail Party Dress with Cap Sleeves

All of these dresses at in knee length, it is more comfortable and convenience. You must like a star in the party!

Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Do you want to get marry? Do you want have a unforgettable marriage proposal? Most of people will say “yes”. They want their bridal to be deep impress of their marriage proposal. Most people will choose public marriage.


  1. Advert in the local paper.
  2. Go out for a dinner. Sing a love song to your sweet girl.
  3. Take your girl friend to the place which your met first time, then put down your knee and give ring for marriage proposal.
  4. Play a treasure hunt game. Then send mail of  different hints to get ring! Both of you will get a lot of fun.


Choose Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Normally, flower girls age are below 8 years old. If your daughter or niece is older than 8 years old, she is not suit as flower girl anymore, but you still want she  participate wedding party, then you can consider she as junior bridesmaid. The ages of junior bridesmaids are from 8-14 years old. They usually being around when the bride is wearing along tailed gown. What kind of dress to wear? Junior bridesmaid dress should at least similar with bridesmaid dresses. Of cause, the dress you can according the face to give a little change. For example, you can add a short sleeve, add straps or change the length. It depends on you.

Champagne-Bridesmaid-Dresses-Junior-Girls-2676-1696-b-1-1370514269 The junior bridesmaids carry bouquet, and stands to the bride’s left at the altar and walk in front of the bride.

Pretty and Unique Ball Gown

Women always want dress up fashionable and unique. Most of formal dresses are in nude colors. The difference are only neckline and silhouette. How to feel special? Do you like printed dress? If you do, then it is a easy way.

Today I will introduce several special printed formal ball gown. For example zebra formal ball gown. Some people may feel the zebra ball gown is exaggeration. That is your prejudice. You could not image how beautiful in that kind of dresses. These dresses could make in ball gown, a-line, high-low hem, even mini length.

Zebra-Quinceanera-Ball-Gown-Dresses-2013-with-Sweetheart-2831-b-1-1378379839These printed dresses don’t need other ornament, it is already very pretty! Too much decorate is too tedious.  Zebra dresses could wear to any occasion, you will look great. online shop have a variety of choices to suit your style and budget come prom day.


Unique Colorful Evening Dresses

Nude color dress is common. If you want a special and unique prom dress, you can try on a colorful evening dress.

Charming-Spaghetti-Straps-Colorful-Prom-Dresses-2012-under-200-3919-b-1-1388417334This kind of dresses features more than 2 colors. Some of them have print pattern. According the silhouette, we can divide to sheath, A-line, Ball Gown and Mermaid. From the neckline, we can divide to sweetheart, one shoulder, V-neckline. The length is from full length to mini length for you to choose. You will deep impressed in this colorful evening dress. Do you want to try?