How to Write Invitation to Children

It is a little complex when write invitations to events ,like weddings, birthday or formal parties, You will get a little confused. Sometimes you may wish to invite children as guests. Children are very important part of your event,they can increase happy atmosphere.

You should decide whether to invite the whole family. if you invite the whole family, please address the invitation to the family. If the invitation is just to adults, the children’s names are not included on the inner or outer envelope. If the invitation is just to children, it is addressed to the parents.

child’s age you need to consider. if children under 18 ,they do not need to get their own invitations. just addressed to their parents,but iner envelpe, however, has first names, in age order, of each child invited.but children above 18 receive their own invitation, even if they live at home. Invitations to children over 18 should be in this format: Mr. First Last or Miss First Last.The inner envelope is Mr. Last or Miss Last (and Guest). Only include “and Guest” if a guest is welcome.