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A prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance, or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of junior and/or senior year. It figures greatly in popular culture and is a major event among high school students. High school juniors attending the prom may call it Junior Prom while high school seniors may call it Senior Prom. In practice this may be a combined junior/senior dance.

Some girls currently have described their prom nights as t their chance to be Cinderella. This can be due in part on the heavy emphasis that is definitely placed on having on Modest Prom Dresses in addition to fancy hair.

At prom, a Prom Queen and Prom King may be revealed. Other students may be honored with inclusion in a “Prom Court”. Prom Queen and Prom King are honorary titles awarded to students chosen in a school-wide vote prior to the prom. Inclusion in a Prom Court is a reflection of popularity of those chosen and their level of participation in school activities including sports. The selection method for Prom Court is similar to that of Homecoming Queen, King, and Court. Prom Queen and King is an honor usually given to seniors. In addition to Prom Queen and Prom King, juniors may also be honored, but would be called “Prom Prince” or “Prom Princess”.

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