How to Choose Wedding Veil

The perfect wedding ceremony should be include the select of menu and venue, make the arrangements of guest list, of course it is also including the select of your dreamed wedding dress and veil. Someone thought the veil is not that important, that is absolutely wrong, A veil is an important accessory that completes the bride’s outfit and should be chosen wisely. choosing the perfect wedding veil puts you one step closer to the perfect wedding

You should clearly know the shape of your face, Try on veil styles that are the opposite shape of your face’s shape. There are some rules: If you got a round face, you should choose a long , narrow veil. A square shaped face or an angular face benefits from a long, soft veil. If your face is oblong, a waterfall veil will add width. A crown or bun wrap with an attached veil also adds width. A heart-shaped or triangular face is complemented by a veil that makes the jaw appear wider; a back piece veil achieves this by appearing behind the neckline. Diamond and oval shaped faces are symmetrical and are complemented with any style of veil.

Also, the veil should depending on the wedding gown style, A short, simple veil has a vintage look. An elbow length veil can complement a full, strapless gown. A waist-length veil can complement a slimming gown with a plain back. Remmeber  to match the gown when choosing the veil.If you need more information,please check our weddinb bridal blog.

If you could not make up your mind, You could bring your friends or bridesmaid along to help you make decision, Just try on veils at more than one store until you find perfect one, ask your friends for suggestion is also a good idea.