How to Choose Dress for Informal Country Wedding Dress

Traditional church weddings usually accomplish one’s dream of a fairy-like wedding, however, besides that, outdoor nature informal weddings are also good choices for new bride and bridegroom. Garden wedding and beach wedding are the two typical wedding forms that are popular and are not that formal. Then how to choose wedding gowns  or how to choose country wedding dress accordingly is of your consideration.

Green lawns, colorful flowers and outdoor fresh air, in the background of azure sky and white clouds, garden is an ideal venue for wedding. After hard work, everyone likes to take a rest in the nature and enjoy themselves. So why not hold a garden wedding? Here we’ve got some tips for dressing to garden weddings.

Tulle Ruched Flower Girl Dress 11225

For the bride, usually heavy wedding dresses are not good because they will make you clumsy; neither are too long dresses because it seems your dress is sweeping the floor all the time. If you are not full-figured or petite, tea length is fashion and modern while not being dull. If you are petite, knee length will make you appear taller and lively.

Color choice is flexible. White, ivory or other bright colors are good, which is complemented by the natural surroundings. Bridesmaid dresses should match the bride’s dress and the environment too. For example pale purple, green, and pale golden are good choices. Though the wedding is not that formal, bridesmaid needs to balance between formal and casual, bridesmaid dresses should also choose dresses that are not of full length.

For the mother of the bride, an elegant evening dress is excellent. However mother of the bride dresses should present the demure vitality of the mother, therefore it cannot be sexy or exposed which is different from dancing at a party. Strapless dress is not recommended, but a shawl or waistcoat can make up.

The flower girl dresses can be fancy and special. Garden wedding is the best stage to show fairy tales. Dress like little fairies, or wear white wings on the back or have feeler on the head like insects. Every cute and adorable image is great.

Wedding guest dresses also have many choices from color to style. Being comfortable is very important and stay cool. This is a wedding and this is a wonderful time for you to enjoy nature.