How to Iron the Flower Girl Dress

If the flower girl dress is beautiful on your wedding day, It could increase the perfect effect, So, we could not ignore every small point on your wedding, Even the iron way of the flower girl dress is also important.

If your flower girl dress was wrinkled during the wedding day or has been packed away for months, you will get it quick ironing to bring back its original look, However, it is really bad to the delicate fabric, We should depend on the dress care instruction to find a proper routes of care. Prepare to iron your wedding dress,flower girl dress a few days before it is needed, to avoid a last minute run to the dry cleaner.

Read the label on the dress is the first and most important step, as it will tell you how to best proceed with your dress. We should consider the material, If the dress is made of cotton or silk, set your dress to the cotton or silk setting. However, if it is made of rayon, polyester, viscose, or acetate, set the iron to its lowest setting, so you will not burn the fabric.

Do remember to check your starch to ensure that it is safe to use on your fabric. If it is, you could gently mist the top of the layer you are about to iron. Lay the gown’s skirt on the ironing board and iron the skirt lining. If the flower girl dress is made of more than one layer of fabric, start from the inner layer. When all the skirt layers are ironed, turn the dress around ,then the bodice is closest to the middle of the ironing board. Smooth the bodice across the top of the ironing board and iron the dress from the neckline, working your way down the dress.

At last, hang the dress on a thick hanger. Just keep it hanging for a few hours to help it retain its freshly appearance.

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