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Tips for Choose Prom Dresses

Prom just around the corner, you need to wear perfect prom dresses at your prom party. A prom dress is one of the most important dresses in every girl’s life .we will carry this valuable memory in our rest of life. A perfect prom dress not just looked stunning; it should also flatter your figure. Here are some advices may help you to find your perfect prom dresses.

Firstly, set a budget. You should ask your parents how much money they can afford. There’s no need to throw much money on a prom dress, you still need to buy other dresses such as homecoming dresses, graduation dresses.etc. And most online shop have beautiful prom gowns but in very lowest price.

You should clearly know the party theme before shopping. You can’t wear a short dress at dance party.

prom dress 687

Different girls have different figures, make sure you try on different prom dresses before make decision. Ball Gown dresses are perfect for the party which in dance theme. Sheath prom gowns are the perfect choice for petite girls. If you are tall and curved, go on mermaid prom dresses .Princess prom dresses are almost flatter every kind body shape.

The color of prom gowns in various lots, you should choose the color by your taste and personality. Fuchsia prom gowns are always trendy in every year, but it’s not perfect for deep skin tones.

Beautiful Lace High Low Prom Dress 2016

If you want to looked stand out at the party , you can choose the prom dresses with some decoration such as sequins ,crystals , ruffles .etc, but make sure don’t choose these decoration at your body disadvantage .for example , if you have a big belly , you will go big wrong if the dress have decorations at the tummy .

Make sure you have start early, so that you have enough time to consider. Make sure your nails, heels, hairstyle and accessories are matching your prom gown.

Pretty Pregnant Prom Dresses

Pregnant is a complex period for a woman’s life. On the one hand, they are so excited to have a cherished baby. On the flip side, pregnant is a about 9 months,  it is a long time and suffer some unpleasant thing. For example, the body shape changes, hormonal changes, temper become sensitive and fragile, so on.  They think dress up pretty no long belong to them again. I just want say “why not”. A pregnant woman could still look pretty, even more beautiful than other women.

How to look pretty? First, we should choose a appropriate dress. For a prom, choose a empire waistline. Empire waistline dress is more comfortable for a pregnant lady. It wouldn’t harm to your baby. Second, for the material you should choose lightly and breathable. For example, chiffon or silk. Third, according the party form to decide the dress length. If the party is a black tie party, you should to wear a full length pregnant prom dress. But if it is informal or casual party, so any length dress is OK. At last, right accessories is to add the finishing touch.

Where you can purchase a affordable and pretty maternity prom dresses ? You could browse internet to find a favorite dress. Then, shop on internet. By this way, will help you to save a lot of money.



Strapless dresses have been popular for many years, maybe peoples have already tired of exposure, more and more people like to wear modest styles. 1/2 long sleeves dress is look elegant and classical.

This 1/2 long sleeves v-neckline short dress looks not only modest, but cute. Below 2 styles are full length. They are more formal then that short one. If you attend a Black-Tie Event party or a wedding party, for these formal parties you should looks elegant, then why you do not try these 2 styles. In these 2 modest long sleeves dresses you will look classical.

There are still have so many modest styles, you can search online.

Beautiful 2016 Quinceanera Dresses at 1st-Dress.Com

In year 2016 fairy-tale dress is still puffy and full length. So is still keep the puffy skirt in full length design. But this time, we are used bright colors: orange, navy blue and blue these popular colors.


This burnt orange color dress is designed in strapless sweetheart neckline, exquisite embroidery decorate on the body. Simple ruffles cover the skirt. You will look romantic in this dress.


This blue dress looks luxurious. Heavy beads ornament the body. Full ruffles make the dress look puffy and luxurious. You must look like a real Cinderella.


The navy blue dress is more traditional. It keep the traditional design pick up skirt and pleated body. It looks so romantic and elegant. If you are a traditional girl, you can try this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Where to Buy Ball Gown in Cheap Prices

Ball gown is full-skirted gown reaching the floor. It is formal gown. Normally it wear on a “white tie”. Every woman should have one piece of ball gown. Browse the designer’s website, the prices of ball gown are too expensive. They are among $500-$900. Where could find a beautiful ball gown at cheap prices?

  • You can focus designer’s clearance goods. The prices will much cheaper than new designs.
  • Search on internet to find your favorite style than find a factory to custom made the dress for you. Normally, it only $160-$280. It will help you save a lot of money.
  • If you do not mind wear second hand dress, then you can purchase a second hand dress. It also will save a lot of money!

Either way, these ways aim are to save money. You can have a try, if you like!

Choose Perfect Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas parties is approaching, what to wear in this holiday party? We will give you some advise to help dress up perfectly.

  1. Because it is Christmas party, then you can wear a white and red dress to emphasize the  passionate features of the range.

Red and Black High-low Sexy Christmas Prom Dress

2. Choose a little black dress in the holiday party. Little black dress is simple, but you will still look elegant and sexy!

One Shoulder Simple Little Black Dresses

3. Choose a sequins evening dress. Because Christmas party has a lot of fun, all over sequin embellishments are a must. In this kind of Christmas Party Dress you will have more confidence.

Silver Sequins Short Cocktail Party Dress with Cap Sleeves

All of these dresses at in knee length, it is more comfortable and convenience. You must like a star in the party!

Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Do you want to get marry? Do you want have a unforgettable marriage proposal? Most of people will say “yes”. They want their bridal to be deep impress of their marriage proposal. Most people will choose public marriage.


  1. Advert in the local paper.
  2. Go out for a dinner. Sing a love song to your sweet girl.
  3. Take your girl friend to the place which your met first time, then put down your knee and give ring for marriage proposal.
  4. Play a treasure hunt game. Then send mail of  different hints to get ring! Both of you will get a lot of fun.


Tips of Choose Plus Size Prom Dresses

If you are a plus size girl do not feel sad just because your are a little overweight. Do not envy these slim girl, if you choose right plus size prom dress, you can also look elegant and charming!

long sleeves plus size prom dress

Today,I will give you some tips to choose correct plus size dress.

1. Because your are overweight, your stomach, hips and thighs must look thick. Why you do not try a ball gown? Ball gown can disguise these defects.

2. The A-line gown is another option dress style. This design has a form fitting bodice and a loose flowing skirt.  Also, the waistline you can choose nature or empire. These 2 waistline can make you look slimmer.

coral one shoulder long evening dress

3. It is very important, you should remember: the dress should large enough to sit down comfortably. You can move freely and enjoy yourself in the dress.

4. If you order the dress online, you should pay more attention at their size chart, especially at bust, waist, hips. Because different site, the size chart is difference.


Wear Red Short Prom Dresses Like a Star

Red is warm tone, it is  bound to catch our attention. For this reason it is a popular color for a fashion statement.

Dark Red Cocktail Dress

If you think long prom dress is too stiff, why you do not try a short prom dress? Choose a short style dress is the most fashion trend clothes for girls and women.  The purchase a match red shoes to make a flashy same effect. Remember the shoes should be high heel. High heel could help create a stunning appearance.

How to Dress for a Homecoming

For most teens, homecoming is one of the highlights of high school, almost a rite of passage. With it being such an important day, girls are going to want to get a good start by finding the perfect homecoming dress. There are all sorts of beautiful outfits out there just waiting to be tried on during the inevitable shopping excursion, but there are a few rules to keep in mind to make sure the right dress is chosen.
purple cocktail dress'
The Fit
This is one of the most important rules. Make sure that the dress fits the largest body part well. All dresses can — and most should — be tailored to fit the smaller parts of the body well, but it is extremely difficult to add material to make it bigger for camouflaging problem areas. It is always nice to find an outfit that accentuates a small feature, but if it makes the bigger features look even bigger because they are squeezed into apparel that is far too small, then the purpose has been effectively defeated. All anyone will see is the expanse of the bigger body parts.

The Length
Short dresses are the rage this season, so this style warrants being taken into consideration. For body types with a short torso and longer legs, choose a dress with a waist line that is lower than the natural waist. This serves to elongate the torso to balance out the length of the legs. For body types with a longer torso and short legs, do the exact opposite. Find something that has a waist that is higher than the natural waist, an empire waist is ideal for this body type. This will elongate the legs and visually shorten the torso. If a long dress is more appropriate for the occasion, the same rules apply. Make sure the length is not longer than the ankles with shoes on, as this tends to make one appear shorter than necessary.
Blue Sequins Graduation Dress
The Shoes
Accessories are extremely important. The color and style of shoes chosen does not necessarily have to depend on the dress. Choosing a neutral color and a simple style will mean that the shoes will go with just about anything. Khaki, taupe or other flesh-colored tones will actually help create the illusion of long legs, make feet appear smaller and give ankles a delicate, tapered look. This may be the right shoe when paired with short dresses. If feet and ankles are not problem areas, feel free to be daring and wear a more colorful shoe with evening attire.