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Wedding Dress Guide

Wedding dress guide

If you’re planning to get married this year, you’re most probably already looking for the wedding dress. For a smooth wedding day, it’s necessary to be prepared. Research and time management are also very important. If you want to make sure you’re a modern and fashion-pursue bride, but don’t know where to start, then this article is for you. 

Lace is a popular series and designers are always on the trend road, they use lace in all kinds of creative ways– producing gowns that offer fresh and modern updates to traditional lace gowns, which is top scale ,romantic and luxury bridal gown.

Extreme Texture

Tulle, lace, ruffles, layers, feathers and 3D flowers combine to create relief gowns, and transport you to another world with the extreme texture, every one will feel impressive for your gowns on your special day.


Color has been becoming a more and more popular choice among brides for quite some time now. It is no longer only white and ivory wedding gown, designers use the color to rich the wedding dress world.

Embroidered flowers

we can see, some bridal gowns are decorated with the 3D embroidered flowers, that designers are inspired by the beauty of nature.


Of course, the trend are not only the things we talked of above, for more styles, please visit our website:  and our bridal gown blog.