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Appetizer’s Menu for Your Wedding

Here are some ideas on what to include in your appetizer’s menu for your wedding reception cocktail hour. First of all, I take into consideration the location of your wedding if you having a seaside wedding include some local flavor along with your appetizers. If you’re getting married on the seaside obviously you want some fun seafood hors d’ouevre but keep in mind not everybody likes seafood so you want to offer a variety of different items. beautiful Wedding AppetizerIf you’re doing the Floribbean theme or Caribbean theme menu go ahead and do some like chicken sautes with some tropical sauces. You can do nice cheeses, tropical fruit. It also you know accommodate your vegetarian guests as well. Another idea is to take a look at the carter’s menu. They have different options as far as hot orders, cold orders, butler pass, stationeries, action stations. So, think about you don’t want have something too heavy. You just want to give them a little taste and keep them from not starving until they get to their reception so and also you know if there’s something that you and your fiance love and you want to have featured on the menu but you don’t see it, don’t be afraid to ask. delicious wedding dessertNine times out of ten, they can create you know a favorite you know little appetizers to include in your cocktail reception menu.More information,please click here