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How to Select Wedding Menu

Your wedding day should be one of the most important days of your life, and no detail should be overlooked, especially the menu. a suitable wedding menu will make your guests feel more satisfied and also could got you memorable moment..

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Of course you must set your budget when choose the menu. Once you have figured out your limit, it will be easier to plan out what you are capable of doing with the menu.

Decide what kind of meal do you like most,you could ask for some experienced couple for some useful suggestions. Buffet-style usually works better for big wedding receptions.

Consider how many courses you would like to have during the reception. Do you want appetizers or anything else?

You should decide whether the food will be served outside or indoors. If outside, your could then include sandwich platters or barbecue.That will be wonderful.

At last ,please check over all of the drinks and foods and make sure you have catered to all of your guests. You’d better plan to select menu 2 month ahead your wedding,or as early as possible.That will be perfect!