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How to Do Wedding Decorations by Yourself

How to do wedding decorations by yourself, There’s lots of different things you can do yourself or your wedding decorations. Things for church pews, decorations at the church, guest tables, but right now I’d like to talk to you about centerpieces, and just little accents. This one here, is a simple basket that you can pick up at just about any of your craft stores, or you can also check with some of your produce areas. It’s just a simple apple basket. I’ve put in a gold fabric underneath it, and then some apples on top. This is, you can use whatever colors work for your wedding. Another option is to take some limes or lemons depending on your colors, float them in some water, and you can add a floating candle right on top. Don’t forget to tie a bow right around the edge to help tie in any of the other colors from your wedding. Another fun idea is to make it personal for your guests as far as each place setting goes. Take one small piece of fruit in a very small basket and tie their name to it with your wedding colors on a ribbon. This way they know exactly where they’re supposed to sit. These are just a few ideas on do it yourself wedding decorations.