4 Style Bustles

There have 4 styles busle. Over Bustle,French Bustle,Ballroom Bustle and Austrian Bustle.

1.Over Bustle

The over bustle is a simple button added to the back of the wedding dress that lifts the train and drapes it across the back of the dress. The one-point over bustle has just one button or point on the back of the dress and shouldn’t be used with heavier dresses or longer trains, which may break the bustle. The three-point over bustle has multiple connections that keep the train open across the back of the dress. This option is stronger than the one-point over bustle.

2.French Bustle

A French bustle consists of small ribbons stitched to the inside of the bridal gown, underneath the train and skirt. It requires several people to lift the train and connect it to the ribbons. Tying the train to the dress lifts it slightly higher than the skirt and creates an old-fashioned looking bustle at the back of the dress. The French bustle may have up to 25 separate ribbons inside the wedding dress. It is sometimes referred to as a double French bustle or triple French bustle, depending on the number of levels the train makes. With the triple French bustle, the back of the dress appears to have three separate waves.

3.Ballroom Bustle

Ballroom bustles are best suited for women who prefer a cleaner look. This bustle option is typically used on dresses with long trains or with those that resemble traditional ball gowns. The train attaches to the bottom of the wedding dress bodice with multiple points that lift the train and spread it evenly across the back of the dress. When used properly, the ballroom bustle makes the train look like another facet of the dress.

4.Austrian bustle
With the Austrian bustle, multiple loops are added to the back of the wedding dress and turned into a pull system, just like the one found on window blinds or shades. The system integrates the train into the dress and has a long string hanging from the end. When someone pulls on the string, it causes the train to lift up, creating small folds along the back of the dress.